Our work has covered many businesses in a large number of industries and numerous causes of action. Types of analyses we have performed include:

Lost Profits/Unjust Enrichment

Develop damage theories and models for lost profits and/or unjust enrichment claims stemming from issues such as breach of contract, interference with prospective business relationship, business interruption and unfair trade practices.

Lost Earnings

Calculate lost earnings resulting from wrongful death, wrongful termination, personal injury, and discrimination.

Wage and Hour

Analyze payroll data and calculate lost wages and penalties from claims of lost meal breaks and uncompensated work issues.

Intellectual Property

Analyze losses stemming from infringements of patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade dress as well as theft of trade secrets.


Review and analyze business records to analyze sources and uses of money and issues of fair market value.


Valued companies and shareholder interests in companies.

Class Actions

Analyze class certification issues.

Superfund Accounting

Trustee, budgeting, accounting and administrative services including Ability-To-Pay analyses for Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) involved in Superfund and other environmental remediation sites.

Royalty Audits

Analyze and account for payments and fees under license agreements.