Type of projects we have worked on include:

  1. Breach of Contract Analyzed claims of lost profits regarding filling priority of landfills.
  2. Lost profits from real estate development due to alleged fraud by lender Analyzed cash flows and real estate investments to evaluate claims of lost profits.
  3. Patents for healthcare/cosmetic product Evaluated lost profits and reasonable royalty related to claimed infringement of patents for a healthcare/cosmetic product.
  4. Film copyright infringement Evaluated damages related to alleged infringing uses of copyrighted material from well-known film for advertising purposes.
  5. Lost individual earnings Evaluated lost earnings in a variety of industries in connection with claims of wrongful death, personal injury, and wrongful termination.
  6. Wage and Hour Quantified payroll issues such as lost meal breaks and uncompensated work.
  7. Banking Analyzed lost profits and lost value related to electronic check processing.
  8. Claimed damages from school development Analyzed claimed economic damages related to development of high school near downtown Los Angeles on site above depleted oil field.
  9. Class action compensation claims Analyzed variety of claims related to compensation of class of cellular telephone sales representatives.
  10. Court-appointed expert to evaluate compensation for subway construction Evaluated compensation for taking, including allocating incremental construction costs.
  11. Dairy industry cooperative Evaluated damages incurred by large cooperative due to breaches by one of its members. Analyzed effects on customers, prices, and sales volume.
  12. Financing and distribution of slate of films Quantified damages from fraud related to financing of dozens of films. Analyzed budgets, financing, and all sources of proceeds.
  13. Franchise restaurant income Analyzed claimed damages for a franchisee/franchisor dispute related to shared advertising and franchise territory.
  14. Fraudulent employment services Evaluated statistical methods used to estimate dollar amount of claimed fraudulent billing by government contractor.
  15. Fraudulent invoice charges Applied statistical methods to determine aggregate excessive charges on thousands of invoices based on examination of a sample of invoices.
  16. Oil pricing and supply Evaluated pricing of imported crude oil, relative to benchmark crudes. Analyzed ability of refiners to change input and output streams.
  17. Pharmaceutical patent/antitrust damages Evaluated claimed economic damages related to patents covering AZT-containing drugs used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.
  18. Proceeds from TV programming Analyzed licensing fees and proceeds from successful prime-time TV programs in connection with claimed self-dealing within integrated studio.
  19. Real estate development alternatives Analyzed historical performance of low-income housing. Projected future performance as proposed mixed-use development.
  20. Restaurant chain lost profits Evaluated lost profits and lost earnings related to claimed breach of fiduciary duty and claimed wrongful termination.
  21. Trustee for Superfund site Serve as Trustee and provide financial and accounting services for Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) at a major Western Superfund site.
  22. Lending Accounting Accounted for movement of money between parties and analyzed issues of usury.
  23. Trade Dress &ndhas; Analyzed damages stemming from alleged infringement of trade dress in the manufacture and sale of automobile tires.
  24. Self-Dealing Analyzed effects on investors of capitalization and reorganization of hospital consolidations.
  25. Food Contamination Analyzed harm to food distribution business caused by bacterial contamination.
  26. Inducement Analyzed misrepresentations in the sale of franchises and quantified damages for failure to perform under a franchise agreement.
  27. Accounting Compiled the sources and uses of money on a real estate development project and calculated projected and actual rates of return.
  28. Wage and Hour Drafted a declaration regarding class certification for alleged price fixing case.
  29. Franchise Quantified damages resulting from failure to renew quick service restaurant franchise.
  30. Failure to Permit Quantified damages resulting from the denial of a conditional use permit for a drug rehabilitation center.